Carlos M. Gárate (Photo)

Carlos J M. Gárate was born in Mexico City and lived there for three decades. This is where his initiation into photography happened, exactly when his dad gave him his first Kodak Instamatic. The film for this camera came in a cartridge-like form, the flash was a cube with four shots and the settings were pretty basic, toy camera basic.

Carlos resides now in Toronto and calls it home while Mexico City is the place where he goes for jaunts while visiting friends and family. He writes computer code during the day and sleeps when he can as he is trying to find more moments to shoot cameras. 

A self taught photographer that likes passionate people (one of his most cherished subjects), he also likes art, spicy food, cultural diversity and being with beloved friends. 

He's a member of Gallery 44 in Toronto where he has participated in various exhibitions as part of the Gallery and as a solo tist as part of the Annual Contact Photography Festival.