Dan Ihnatowycz (HEAD cook)

During the spring a summer months Ihnatowycz works as a crew-boss for Coast Range, a tree planting company based in Kamloops, BC. It was there that Ihnatowycz developed his passion for cooking, working closely with the camp cooks, feeding off of their ideas and eventually developing his own style of cuisine. During the fall and winter months Dan Ihnatowycz works as a free-lance cook in Toronto. He has been involved with the Lemon Bucket and Kosa Collective communities for a number of years now and has worked alongside them in various capacities. His do-it-yourself style of cooking and unique take on comfort food has landed him a role as the personal chef and caterer for Lemon Bucket events. More recently he has been spending time with various people within the Ukrainian diaspora community, picking up tricks and secrets of Eastern-European cuisine that have been long-established but seldom showcased in North America. Through this process he has developed a recognizably North American flare on Ukrainian food. His biggest challenge to date, Ihnatowycz is charged with the task of preparing a menu that will help to elucidate points of contention and intimacy in contemporary Ukraine while leaning on a firm and recognizable local holiday ingredient base that is one of the defining points of Ukrainian cultural identity. He has volunteered in several kitchens including the Dhamma Suttama Vipassana Meditation Centre in Montebello, QC and sells his home-cooked food at fairs and community gatherings.