Marichka is an ethnomusicologist, singer and folklorist who graduated from the National Academy of Music in Kyiv in 2002. She is one of the founding members and soloists of Bozhychi, a legendary folk choir that has toured the world presenting traditional Central and Eastern Ukrainian vocal music for over 15 years. Marichka has over 1000 songs in her repertoire, which she collected over countless ethnographic research expeditions, and which she performs regularly in different iterations with a number of groups both traditional and contemporary. Her solo projects, Sonce Klosh, Kyky Shanel and Lemonchiki Projekt have performed all over Ukraine, Russia, and Europe at folk, jazz, and world music festivals and she often works with renowned Ukrainian and Canadian musicians such as Oleg Skrypka, Vasyl Popadiuk, and Lemon Bucket Orkestra. Like so many Ukrainians, Marichka's life changed this year when the Maidan Revolution took over the streets of her native city. For over a year, she has been volunteering-- first on the Maidan and later in hospitals and on the eastern front. She is most interested not in the politics of the war, but in the stories of how this war is affecting her fellow countrymen. Together with Mark Marczyk, she has traveled widely across Ukraine this year and has written a number of articles, short stories, and a play all of which aim to deliver the most intimate and terrifying moments of the revolution and war to a wider audience.