Mladen Obradović

Mladen Obradović is an actor, director, drama teacher and theatre producer, originally from Podgorica, Montenegro . Some of his favorite Canadian acting credits include: Bill Basil in Seven Siblings' "Fever/Dream", Zangara in Stageworks Toronto's "Assassins", Dr. Frankenstein Sr. in Echo Productions' "Frankenstein",  Andrei in Chekhov's "Three Sisters", Conspiracy Theorist in Draft89's "FOE" and Lalo, in Pulse Theatre's "Night of the Assassins". He taught for several drama schools in Toronto and Mississauga, including Young People's Theatre, TheatrePeace, Arts Express, Centauri Summer Arts Camp and Shakespeare in Action. Currently holds the position of the resident Theatre Teacher for Academy for Gifted Children P.A.C.E.  He is the founder and the Artistic Director of Pulse Theatre, the biggest Canadian theatre for children in Serbian Language. He enjoys the never-boring life of an actor and is thrilled to be a part of yet another exciting and challenging Toronto production. He wants to thank the cast and crew for all the support and guidance, and his wife and two sons- Matija and Vuk, for their love: his biggest inspiration and a never-ending driving force.