Stephania Woloshyn is a Toronto based multi-disciplined dancer and designer. Since early childhood, she has trained extensively in Ukrainian stage dance - performing with several of Toronto's Ukrainian dance companies and attending several professional level specialized workshops under the instruction of the Virsky National Dance Company of Ukraine and The National University of Arts and Culture in Kyiv, Ukraine. She has also had 15 years of ballet training in both Russian and primarily Cecchetti styles. More recently Stephania has been training in belly dance, various forms of Eastern European Roma dance, and Ukrainian Village Folk Dance. Stephania is a full-time dancer, singer, percussionist and administrator of Toronto’s only Balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy-Party-Punk Super-Band The Lemon Bucket Orkestra. She brings original choreography to her performances that is inspired by the band's music, and fuses bellydance with Eastern European Roma dances. She also performs occasionally as a guest artist for toronto-based band Ventanas.

When she's not dancing, Stephania works as a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on Interior Design and Set Design for film. She has obtained university degrees in  Architecture from the University of Toronto and Industrial Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design, and in her spare time enjoys exploring her other passions including jewelery and costume design, painting, singing in a women’s village-voice choir Kalyn-Dar, and teaching and sharing her love for the village dances of Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.